Historically, and due to its proximity to the capital, the Fifth Region of Valparaíso has been the most tourist area of the country.

Located less than two hours from Santiago, it has the most beautiful and extensive beaches, exclusive and popular spas, as well as beautiful agricultural areas that attract a wide variety of visitors.

It is characterized by its great cultural, gastronomic and artistic activity, as well as its modernity, since it has all the services of a large city.

Then, a directory that will allow you to start the trip to the region that houses the Garden City, Viña del Mar, and the mythical and beautiful port of Valparaíso. Extension and Surface: The region extends between 32 ° 02 'and 33 ° 57' of South latitude and from 70 ° 00 'of West longitude to the Pacific Ocean, including the sporadic islands (Easter, Salas and Gómez, San Felix, San Ambrosio and the Juan Fernández archipelago). The surface, obtained by planimetry carried out on letter 1: 50,000 of the I.G.M., is 16,396.1 square kilometers.

Relief: In this region there are coastal plains, where extensive beaches of sandy accumulation alternate with cliff sectors; fluvial sedimentation plains; transverse cords of the Andean coastal mountain system; transverse cords of the Andean master trunk and semi-arid transitional basins. Climate: Rainfall acquires great importance and regularity. The climates that stand out are steppe with abundant cloudiness; warm rainy temperate, temperate rainy steppe; cold steppe of mountain and high mountain tundra.

Population: The region according to figures of the last population census (1992) registered a total of 1,384,336 Inhabitants. The vegetation corresponds to the aforementioned climatic variety, predominantly the scrub, as well as small forests, on the coast, and more developed meadows and forests in the mountains. La Campana National Park is a sample of Chilean palm and southern beech in the coastal chain.