The Southern Region includes the regions of Bío-Bío, Araucanía, Aisén, Magallanes and the Los Lagos region. This area is one of the most heterogeneous in terms of its landscapes and the realization of its activities. It has a more humid climate and its relief is covered with extensive forests and numerous lakes.

This sector is characterized by having a high rate of rainfall and low temperatures in the winter, while more is moving south, the weather becomes more rainy and icy. In summer, the south is usually hot but with rainfall throughout the year.

With regard to the most characteristic landscapes that it has, the South zone has landscapes such as the Laguna de la Laja National Park, the Antuco Volcano (one of the most chosen destinations for skiers in this region), the Llaima Volcano, the Conguillío National Park, the Tolhuaca National Park and the Huerquehue National Park (innumerable lagoons, lush vegetation and hot springs).

Among the most important ski centers in the sector, there are the “Villarrica-Pucón” and “Antillanca” centers.

It should be noted that this area of ​​southern Chile is characterized by innumerable lakes and spas. In many of these lakes you can practice fishing activity.