Reservations and Payments

The quote sent is not a guarantee of hall reservation unless there is a written confirmation. Only values sent will be respected if there is availability. To formalize the contracted services of catering, the company must send in writing the confirmation indicating the type of service and its quantity, within a maximum period of 48 hours prior to the event. The guaranteed catering services will be charged to the event account whether consumed or not. Cancellation of services already contracted on the same day of the event will not be accepted. Eurotel is not responsible for the loss of audiovisual materials or equipment left in the room without prior notice to the event department for temporary custody or closure of the hall.ón
Once your event is confirmed, the cancellation period is up to 72 hours in business days before the start date. Eurotel reserves the right to charge to your account a cost corresponding to 50% of the services contracted by not giving formal notice on the established date. If the event is canceled a day before will be charged 100% of all services contracted.
The payment method must be Pre-Payment corresponding to the total value contracted, which must be paid directly to the hotel in the event department or deposited in our account in the BCI Bank No. 10615202, in the name of Sociedad Hotel era Eurotel Ltda.
Send a confirmation letter, stating Legal Name, tax payer number, address, telephone, and company’s activity. Specify the name to whom the invoice will be sent. Best regards,